Sensor Integration with Imaging Software

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Our sensors are Mac-compatible

Raw images captured by digital sensors are enhanced by special software before displaying on the computer screen. Thus your sensor must integrate with special “imaging” software to work properly.

The QuickRay USB Sensor is compatible with a broad range of imaging software packages.

Integration Options

There are three ways to successfully integrate your QuickRay USB Sensor with a compatible software package:

  1. Direct native connection

    The practice’s imaging software accepts x-ray images directly from your new sensor.

    Sensor (QuickRay) ==> Current Imaging Software

    QuickRay USB works directly with the following imaging packages:

    • Proprietary Software

      • Clio
      • Edlen
      • LynxVision
    • Apteryx OEM Software

      • AFP Digital
      • CliniView
      • CliniTouch
      • DDS Works
      • Dr. Suni
      • ImageXL
      • Lightyear
      • LynxVision LT
      • LynxVision Pro
      • MaxiViewer
      • MaxiViewer Lite
      • MPDx
      • OneView (Benco)
      • OneView Lite (Benco)
      • OriView
      • Prof. Suni
      • QSI Image
      • Sigma Image XRV
      • Sigma Image XVL
      • U.S. Military
      • VisionDent
    • Other Imaging Software (Windows)

      • CADI
      • Curve Hero
      • DentalEye
      • Patient Gallery
    • Other Imaging Software (Mac)

      • MacPractice
      • Radio-Vision
      • SuniMac
  2. Indirect plug-in connection

    The practice’s imaging software needs assistance from a TWAIN driver (software “bridge”) to recognize x-ray images. In this case connector software must be purchased with your new sensor.

    Sensor (QuickRay) ==> TWAIN Bridge (QuickRay Connect) ==> Your SW
    QuickRay Connect logo

    QuickRay USB Sensor works indirectly with the following imaging packages via the QuickRay Connect bridge:

    • Dexis Imaging
    • Eaglesoft (Patterson)
    • Carestream
    • ProImage (Image-Works)
    • Quick-Vision (Owandy)
    • Raymage (Cefia)
    • Schick CDR Dicom (Sirona)
    • Sidexis (Sirona)
    • TigerView
    • VixWin (Gendex)
  3. New software connection

    The practice lacks imaging software, which typically means you’re converting from film to digital technology. In this case you want imaging software to go along with the sensor.

    Sensor (QuickRay) ==> New Imaging Software (QuickImage)
    QuickRay Image logo

    We offer QuickImage, an OEM solution from industry leader Apteryx, along with other specialty solutions to integrate directly with your new digital sensor:

    • QuickImage (XVLite)
    • QuickRay Imaging (e2v-Win)
    • Choice Imaging
    • DentalEye
    • Patient Gallery
    • QuickRay Imaging (e2v-Mac)