Pricing & Warranty Details

Our most popular package is for the doctor who is looking for state-of-the-art technology at a low price, warranty coverage, technical support, and low replacement costs down the road.

QuickRay Sensor Price:
QuickRay Size #1 Sensor $3,995
QuickRay Size #2 Sensor $4,995
Combo (Both #1 & #2) $8,490
What’s Included In Each Kit:
QuickRay Sensor and Calibration Disk
Set of Aiming Devices
Sensor Sheaths

We’ve provided sensors since 1991

Unlike our competitors, we charge neither annual fees nor enrollment fees. Our warranty plan uniquely includes Coverage for free replacement of defective sensors and Coverage for no-fault replacement of damaged sensors at a fixed percentage of your original purchase cost. Only loss or theft is not covered (and should be included in your casualty insurance policy).

The true cost of a digital sensor is hard to compare from one vendor to the next, because your ownership cost depends on six factors: purchase price, warranty, software, technical support, accessories, and replacement cost. A seventh factor is how captive you are to a software provider (we especially sympathize with Dexis users!).

Image of top side of QuickRay USB sensors (sizes 1 and 2)

Trying to compare so many elusive variables is one of the most confusing and frustrating experiences in dentistry today.

That’s why you should call us before making a purchase decision. With a philosophy of full disclosure and informed consent, we strive to demystify an overly confusing process. Our goal is to clearly understand your needs—and then help you get what you want, at the best possible price.

We revolutionized the industry with our remote-installation model.

The result is a streamlined system to bring state-of-the-art digital sensors from our European factory floor to you. This new delivery model lowers costs—and is the secret behind our eye-popping prices.